A creative Italian manufacturing company can tell its story in many different ways. It may choose to show the hands and faces of the people behind it, or it might prefer to present its most significant projects. In this overview of the LaCividina world, our story is told by images depicting know-how, substance, exceptional designs, aesthetic appeal, versatility and an international outlook. Essentially, it is a tale of a solid company that is capable of creating unique designs, concepts that are perfectly encapsulated by upholstered furniture, craftsmanship and a global business vision.

Bestsellers: Sushi, Osaka, Velour, Guest, Pinch, Bernard, Couchette, Suiseki, Phar Lap, Couchette, Bernard, Soave, Aggetti
Families: Dep, Serie 50, Ala, Join, Anytime
Icons: Pinch, My Place, Folies Bergère, Mon Petit Coeur
Others: Molecule, Windmill, Takimi, Modo
Tables: Accursio, Turi Turi, Scancaro
New 2024: APPER Sofa, Dormeuse, System + NEWTIME armchair, sofa, ottoman, bench