Our brand soul: Art – Design & People

AKABA has been a free-thinking project from the outset. We were born into a situation of cultural unrest that had its roots buried deep in a period of profound change. We saw the light with a perfectly defined profile combining the love for design and transgression.

The birth of our FIRST ICONIC PIECES was inspired by art, with a highly personal ingredient. From there we involved with the design to improve their function and connect better with people.

COLLABORATIVE SPACES – Office – Break out areas – Meeting – Executive Areas – Soft seating & Hospitality
We manufacture furniture fro communities, seeking social encounter starting with the individual. We create furniture for spaces with a human dimension that invite people to talk, relate and create as a team.

Lur family
Ostoa poufs and tables
Ostoa armchairHodei stool, Kabi Stool, Xoko Stool
Klasik chair, Klasik chair with wooden base
Tknika Table & Design with sliding accessories
Tknika collaborative tables
Gorka aluminium chair