Baleri Italia

Baleri Italia is the iconic brand of the 20th Century. Founded in 1984, in the years of sobriety and rigor of forms/functions, it is the ultimate expression of a certain pragmatic and unattainable design idea; in pursuit of the perfect, non-obsolete, non-flashy, consistent and international object. Evergreen objects and collections, signed by great masters (Mangiarotti) and newcomers who then became the references in terms of creativity (Baroli, Starck, Wettstein), giving life to a classical-contemporary universe that now, has found its vitality, production, communication and commercial strength.

Bestsellers: Caprichair, CapriJolly, Bill, Tato, Tatino, Juliette, Fratino, Mari, Cartoons, Mac Gee
Designers: Philippe Starck, Hanes Wettstein, Angelo Mangiarotti, Luigi Baroli, Denis Santachiara, Jeff Miller, Arik Levy
RE-LAUNCH KLASSIKER: Cafè Chair, Francesca Spanish, Richard III, President M, Mac Gee, Juliette, Caprichair, T-Table, Obo, St. Martin, Flipt, Scalo