Albed – not just doors. To divide rooms by playing on light and transparency. To separate without cutting one space off from the next, to divide without hiding and conceal with visible beauty. This is the new purpose of doors and partitions: to define spaces without “imprisioning” them. This becomes easy thanks to materials like aluminium and crystal glass, which five interiors a touch of lightness and radiance. Doors and partitions, no longer secondary furnishings, become important elements in interiors.

DOORS: Level, Ring, Blow, Integra, Next, and, Ri-Traid, Prima, Quadra, Beat, Dot, Sail, Boisè, Celine, Quies

SLIDING DOORS: and, Ri-Trait, Prima, Quadra, Beat, Quinta, Dot, Sail, Céline

ROOM DIVIDER: All ways, Céline

DRESSING: Ri-Vista, Solo